Old Navy Chevy Trucks

Old Navy classic 1947-1950 Chevy pick up trucks have been disposed of and are available for sale. Excellent rat rod truck, these are all without motors or transmissions, but will make a great project truck.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Old Navy Disposing of Hundreds of 1947-1953 Chevy Trucks


GAP (Old Navy Parent Corp.) hired a company to search & scavenge the country-side 15-20 years ago, and came up with enough 1947-1953 chevy trucks to use as displays inside their clothing stores.

Over the past few months (Old Navy) GAP inc., has begun remodeling all of their US stores and decided to "junk" the nearly 1500 old Chevy trucks they had on display in their retails stores.

At first, the corporation was going to have each and every one of the Old Navy Chevy Trucks crushed or destroyed. That decision sparked a huge amount of outcry from classic car, and Rat Rod collectors and they (Old Navy) changed gears and decided to take the moral high ground and salvage them.

Unfortunately, several hundred of these classic Chevy trucks did meet a timely demise at the teeth of the shredder.

As for the remaining Old Navy Chevy Trucks, several moving companies around the country were contracted to removed the trucks and dispose of them. Rather than selling them to the general public GAP didn't want the responsibility or liability of someone getting injured or killed because of one.

I can't blame them as we live in such a litigious society, no doubt someone would conjure up a good lawsuit.

Good old American corporate fear! Nothing more, nothing less.

The Good News!
Now for all of us who love the 1947 - 1953 (some 1954s) Chevy Trucks, but just don't see them for sale too often... here's our little window of opportunity to get one for a very reasonable price.

Most have been stripped out and have no drive train or motor. Some have wiring, but most don't. There is rumor that some have cross members cut out and others are to be fully intact. All have fenders and reasonably good cabs. Beds are mostly plywood but they all have awesome chrome!! The chrome alone is worth $1000 or more. Actually this old Chevy truck is worth more money for parts than assembled in it's current condition.

How do I get my own Old Navy Chevy Truck?

As most know already, there are a few Old Navy Chevy Trucks being peppered on eBay in a slow manner (so not to dilute the market). Most of the auctions have been ending for around $2000-$2900 on average- and most have been in the same condition. Fair to Good.

Look at this 1953 Chevy Pickup Truck on eBay!

Where Else?

Well the good news is, there are hundreds of them available for ANYONE to buy. They will cost you anywhere from $2000 to $3000 each, depending on the condition and the number of trucks you buy.

Please complete the form below and you will be immediately given the information necessary to purchase one of these classic trucks. There is no fee for this information.

Looking for affordable car hauling??

Restored 1953 Chevy 3100

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